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Cork Jazz Dance Exchange in Ireland for lindy hop swing dancing to live jazz music

Cork Jazz Dance Exchange 2014

A frenetic long weekend of dancing and socialising in unique venues to amazing live bands and superb DJs!

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Watch Chris Härm & Joe Buckett’s performance at The Mooche 2014

Chris & Joe perform “Solid Old Men” at The Mooche, Cork, Ireland, 2014.

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Watch Mikey Pedroza & Pamela Gaizutyte’s performance at The Mooche 2014

Mikey & Pamela social dance performance at The Mooche in Cork, Ireland 2014.

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Watch Pamela Gaizutyte’s solo performance at The Mooche 2014

Pamela Gaizutyte’s Solo Jazz Performance at The Mooche 2014, Cork, Ireland.

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