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photo of swing dancing in Cork at Lindy Express

Lindy Express 2016, Swing Dance & Solo Charleston Workshop Weekend in Cork

Cork’s annual Lindy Epxress event returns this February 12th, 13th & 14th to provide workshops in Lindy Hop, Solo / Charleston & Blues dance.

Lindy Express is designed to do is to give your enthusiasm a vehicle. You will learn different techniques to improve your dancing, both solo and partnered, helping you to move with what you hear and feel in the music, react more spontaneously and musically to live music. You’ll see how to communicate and share this with your partner.

This year we are introducing a Jazzicality class which Ksenia has developed with her talented Bass-Playing husband, David Duffy.

There are two standard levels available for signup, plus two additional solo levels. Find out more about the levels on the Lindy Express website.

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