Guest TeacherAttitude & Ability

Manuel Micheli

Manuel Micheli began dancing at the age of three under the tutelage of Master Trajan Bonini.

He spent his childhood in the Italian dance halls, winning several competitions at an early age, in the styles of the Classic European and Latin-American dances. From the age of twelve he began studying classical ballet at the Academy of Classical Ballet Liliana Cosi and Marinel Stefanesku, before joining the Opera School in Rome in 2005.
Manuel focused on the world of Jazz Dance in 2008, beginning his studies together with the best Italian teachers- world champions Vincenzo Fesi, Isabella Gregorio, and Matteo De Stefano. Soon afterwards he joined Vincenzo Fesi’s Swing Dance Performance group, “The Flying Alligators”. He has been living in Rome since 2010 where he runs the Swing Cats school. He loves constantly learning and developing his style, training with the most renowned international teachers. He has worked for the Italian TV show “Dancing with the Stars” as a Master Choreographer of Charleston and Boogie Woogie for the seasons of 2010 to 2012, and has performed and choreographed for major shows around Europe and across the Atlantic.
Manuel dances many styles, and has become renowned amongst his peers for his quality of movement, technique and expression. He is regularly invited to teach as a guest teacher at camps and international festivals around Europe and Italy.