Cork Jazz Dance Exchange 2014

Jazz Festival & Swing Dance Exchange in Cork, Ireland
October 24th-27th 2014

Cork Jazz Dance Exchange is run by dancers, for dancers. Our goals are to share our love of dancing with the rest of the world, offer a unique experience to local and visiting dancers alike, provide an enhanced experience of Cork’s long-standing and highly regarded annual Jazz Festival, and help grow the social dancing scene in our city and beyond.

Cork Jazz Dance Exchange

High-calibre live music and social dancing are the main focus of this event! Join us for a Jazz Funeral through the streets of Cork, Fancy Dress, pub nights, late parties and a full-force Jazz Festival. There can be no doubt that you’ll have long-lasting memories of social dancing to the best live music and DJs we can find.


Cork has a great reputation for hosting travelling dancers. You won’t find a more more friendly, welcoming community of Lindy Hoppers anywhere in the world. The sooner you sign up for Cork Jazz Dance Exchange, the easier it will be for us to find you a friendly host.

The Cork Jazz Festival is a very popular event, so many hostels and guesthouses will already be fully booked.