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win a pair of social passes to The Mooche 2015 by sharing on social media

St Patrick’s Day Giveaway: Win two Social Passes to The Mooche 2015

You can enter to win a pair of free passes to The Mooche 2015 until Tuesday the 17th of March at midnight GMT. A winner will be chosen at random and awarded two Social Passes to The Mooche 2015 in Cork, Ireland. Social Passes may also be upgraded to full workshop passes. Find out more about The Mooche on the official website.

There are 12 ways to enter in the drawing. Yesβ€” that means you can significantly increase your chances of winning by using all of the available methods shown below:

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  1. Paul Wood
    March 10, 2015

    This is an awesome idea for a competition. I am already paid up to attend classes and actually if I won I would give the ticket to a friend who sadly can’t afford to come along this year but who has made my year just so amazing! (If the competition wins two tickets then I would give the other ticket to another friend who has also made my year so amazing).

    • Andrew Miller
      March 10, 2015

      That’s very generous of you Paul! Glad to hear it. Who will be the lucky winner?

  2. March 10, 2015

    I would love to be able to give a social ticket to my friend Sadhbh who is really keen to get into swing dancing but has a limited budget. I’m sure I could find another friend who wants to try out swing dancing, though I wouldn’t mind using the second pass myself. Having fun is number one, so getting people out in a relaxed atmosphere is a good way to coax them to start taking classes. They need to feel welcome to the scene and really immerse themselves in the pure joy of dancing before getting down to the harder work of learning the steps and moves.

  3. March 10, 2015

    It would be fun to visit Ireland from the United States!

  4. March 10, 2015

    This looks so amazing!

  5. Monika Horsters (Ginsterfeld on fb)
    March 11, 2015

    I would love to come to this lovely Event with my friend Hanna Fjallarefur who talked me into entering the competition. Already met some pretty lovely balboa dancers from cork πŸ™‚

  6. Birdy
    March 15, 2015

    I’ve only heard great things about The Mooche and would love to join the fun.

  7. Bridget Gallagher
    March 15, 2015

    I really want to come to this gig but none of my friends are as obsessed with this lindy hopping and Swing s**t as I am! Pardon my French… So…I really just need that little nudge to make me go alone and FREE tickets would certainly seal the deal πŸ™‚ !!!

    Also, it’s my new years resolution to become a lindy hopper!

    Go raibh mile math agat xx

  8. Amelia Bailey
    March 16, 2015

    This looks amazing and I am very interested on going. Thanks

  9. Naomi
    March 16, 2015

    I have been to Cork once before several years for the Jazz Festival and met some lovely amazing dancers and i would love to go to this event and get caught up with them all πŸ™‚